[NTLK] AppleTalk over wifi

From: Andreas Nijenhuis <MessagePad2000_at_laposte.net>
Date: Thu May 11 2006 - 04:07:20 EDT


Using AppleTalk over wifi can be tricky. On the graphite AirPort base
stations, it works, on the Snow (dual ethernet) ones, it doesn't. Blame
Apple... (for not supporting their own stuff).

What base station are you using?

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Le mercredi 10 mai 2006, newtontalk@newtontalk.net
(newtontalk@newtontalk.net) a écrit :

>Thanks for the welcome Woody,
>So it looks like connecting via Serial is a bust :(
>Okay I'm now trying to use WiFi. I've got a Lucent Turbo Silver card
>and configured it exactly as at:
> http://tools.unna.org/wikiwikinewt/index.php/WiFi
>However, and you knew this was coming, I can't get the Newton to find
>my Mac.
>(Appletalk is enabled on the Mac in OS9 and MacOSX, WiFi is enabled
>on the Mac. My wireless router is a Belkin which takes the IP number
>, the Mac has been allocated, DHCP has been
>set to automatic)
>When I try to use the Newton's Dock, I select [Appletalk] and then
>[Connect to...] [Other computer...] The WiFi card becomes active
>(hurrah!), but the Newton never finds another MacOS computer (boo!)
>Sorry, I know this is sounding really dumb - but what am I doing wrong?

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