[NTLK] We will miss you, PCBMan

From: Johannes Wolf <mp2100_at_mail-gw.estec.esa.int>
Date: Thu May 11 2006 - 13:05:04 EDT

Hi David,

being one of the (still happy) owners of the original SER-001 I can only say
I am sorry to hear from you that you intend to leave the arena.

I was always interested in your Newt related projects and activities and was
looking forward for the announced improved solution to switch between two
clock speeds.

Being an electrical engineer working with space technology I have to admit
that there are more tempting topics.
But for me the Newt is still my "second brain", keeping all the addresses,
meeting appointments, passwords and other important information at hand.
So far the Newt never let me down but in the worst case - I do have a backup
unit and all the data is backed up on a separate Flash card.

I also share your interests in video editing, photography, electronic music
(and no, I did not know that you made an album) and I do understand very
well that there is always too little time for these hobbies. I think more or
less all of us are in a similar situation.

I wish you good luck and a lot of time for your hobbies.
Maybe you keep one or two of your Newts and use them.
It would be nice if you would stay (at least as listener) with that great

Good luck - and not good night as it was written in the previous post.


> But all of this is now moot as I have decided to leave this arena.
> I will be gathering all my Newton stuff and selling/giving
> away/trashing it all.
> Why? you may ask. Well, I just have so many things that I
> want to do that I don't have time to do ANY of them!
> I want to devote more time to my other hobbies like robotics,
> video editing, photography, LEGO (Yes, LEGO!), electronic
> music (did you know I made an album?) + 1,001 other things.
> In the meantime, I will put a list togther for you all.
> I still have an email box pcbman@ix.netcom.com
> You can reach me there if you have a pressing need for information.
> Thank you all for supporting me by word or deed throughout the years.
> Good night and good luck!
> PCBman

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