[NTLK] Newton X-Press

From: James Nichols <smilr_at_mac.com>
Date: Sat May 13 2006 - 03:38:46 EDT

Okay - I've begun work on my OS X replacement for Newton Press /
Bookmaker, tentatively titled Newton X-Press. Hopefully Quark won't
bite my head off :)

Anyway - I wanted to ask for some community input on what sort of
features people would find useful above and beyond, instead of, or
removed when compared to the originals.

Starter question:

Right now Newton Press has it's own document format, a file that your
work is saved under on the Mac / PC, from which you effectively
export a newton .pkg file. Would eschewing this entirely, and having
Newton X-Press work directly with .pkg files (that happen to have
Book parts) be more convenient?
  This could potentially let one edit an existing Newton Book pkg
file. It would be slightly slower to open and save your work, but one
would skip the time costly export step, this might not even be
noticeable on modern computers anyway.

I vaguely recall that it was possible to make a book package with
formatting for both classic and mp2x00 newtons via BookMaker. I
haven't looked into how this works yet, but would it be a nice
function to have? IIRC it did bloat the package size somewhat.

Would a method for importing custom package icons (for Extras) into a
book package be useful?

Are there any must-have, nifty, or undocumented settings or
directives you know of that book-maker makes possible which you would
like to see incorporated into Newton X-Press?


Tyler Nichols.

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