[NTLK] "New" battery pack

From: John Coady <jcoady_at_mac.com>
Date: Mon May 15 2006 - 16:41:47 EDT

I have just bought a Newton 2100. It has no battery pack, batteries
or charger.

However I have two OMPs, one of which I use regularly, that both have
battery packs and chargers.

In addition, I also have a spare Rechargeable Battery Pack and
External Charger in their original box (the receipt says that it cost
$87 (CDN) on 29 March 1995) which I plan to use with the 2100.

This battery pack has **never** been used.

Before I fire it up, does anyone have any suggestions as to special
procedures I should follow, or precautions I should take?


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