[NTLK] SER001 & Case Bulge/Cracking

From: James Wages <james_at_kiramek.com>
Date: Fri May 19 2006 - 23:09:09 EDT

I read the recent post about modifying the Newton case to prevent bulging.
Nice graphic and advice. But it would have been best if the SER001 was
better designed so that people wouldn't have to do that. It's not like
Apple tells you to file off part of the plastic on your Mac to insert RAM!

I opened my case today and took a look. As I reported before, my case
cracked over time because of the bulge. The SER001 is pressing against the
bottom of the case. It's important that you trip down the leads sticking
out from the white serial connector. Those stick out and touch the bottom
of the case. Also, if you pull your SER001 and take a close look at the top
of the white serial connector, you can see that PCB Man filed down part of
it. Sadly, it wasn't filed down enough, nor did PCB Man file down the whole
top part of the connector as he should have. I took an Xacto knife and did
the correct job BY HAND. And let me tell you, but hand is a bit sore now.

I went out and bought some special epoxy for plastics and my cracked case is
now in drying. After my filing job, I re-inserted the SER001 and is much
better now! And no, I didn't hack any part of my Newton case like that
recent JPEG showed either. Also note that the JPEG talks about cutting off
a little plastic part that supposedly presses against the SER001. I don't
know about older models, but my 2002 version has a hole in the PCB, just
under the white serial connector, and that plastic piece fits right in that
hole. So no, if you have a SER001 like mine, you don't need to cut your
Newton case.

All said, this is more work that end users should be put through. And yes,
end users to upgrade their machines, whether they be Macs or Newtons. When
manufacturing anything you have to take close consideration of "tolerances."
I think the SER001 is well made in every other regard, and I am thankful to
PCB Man for putting this item out on the market in the past. But the fact
is that it does need tweaks to prevent bulge and subsequent case cracking.


James Wages

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