[NTLK] Newtonbooks on UNNA [was: Re: Where is DJ?]

From: Michael Blazer <m.blazer_at_utoronto.ca>
Date: Tue May 23 2006 - 12:31:59 EDT

I may have missed something, but I'm wondering why everyone should not continue
uploading Newtonbooks to UNNA? I certainly appreciate the efforts of DJV and others in
making books, spurring others to do so, and setting up repositories, but ... why not
also upload them all to UNNA, just as insurance? (subject of course to copyright issues
where applicable)

The purpose of UNNA (as I understand it, anyway) was to gather together in one place all
the various Newton software archives around the net, some of which were in danger of
disappearing. It seems to me that's still a very worthwhile mission. UNNA has a proven
track record since being adopted by Victor, and he hasn't abandoned it despite his
current fling with a Pepper Pad. ;-)


Quoting Tony Kan <tonykan@xtra.co.nz>:

> Matt
> I just sent through a book as well without any response. Perhaps you could also
> send your books to
> http://www.newtonslibrary.org/
> where they have also set up a newton book repository with a search engine.
> Perhaps this is the answer to our temporary solution on the www.stillnewt.org
> library.
> Thoughts welcome from all...
> Warm regards
> Tony Kan
> Christchurch
> New Zealand

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