Re: [NTLK] [ANN] iPod accessories are compatible with Newton

From: Adriano <>
Date: Thu May 25 2006 - 21:33:48 EDT


transferred your post in my personal archive and being busy i forgot
to respond,
much sorry for that, please accept my deepest excuses.

On your questions about NewtCast [ ]
i can report that MessagePad/eMate's audio line-out is very well
and although mp3 sampling rates are a bit low, NOS audio codec
gains much better performance, and VoiceNotes is really recommended.

I am a bit amazed by the good quality on listening to audio-notes or
through external speakers, but i just love to hear the Newton's
system sounds
play through my desktop speakers and ear all the room becoming a
Newton dedicated space.

If you would want to buy an amplified headset, i'm sorry i can't be
of much help
cause there are really so many brands available that you could choose
at your nearest audio-related shop and it will probably cost less
than on the web.

What about a bluetooth headset instead?
No one ever dreamed it could be possible on a MessagePad!
Just please take a look at this item on eBay:

Please let me know what do you think about it,
and sorry again for the delay on responding.

Kind regards,


20/gen/06 wrote:

>> Before that time, please download and see at full screen this (not
>> RSS
>> ready) podcast:
> In another post you indicate NewtCast will have to be used together
> with
> amplified earphones to get the most out of it. As I'd like to use
> NewtCast mainly for listening to radioplays and audio books - can you
> tell me what brands/makes/models play nicely with NewtCast? Mind
> you, I
> don't expect hifi stereo and such, you can get only so much from
> mp3-files at low sample rates. But it has been such fun to listen
> again
> to this stuff on my MP 2100, I expect to do it even more often with a
> nicer sound made possible by the NewtCast.
> Best,
> Marcus

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