Re: [NTLK] Siemens Online Terminal/NewtonOS

From: Ed Kummel <>
Date: Fri May 26 2006 - 16:28:28 EDT

That would be interesting to see...
  It sucks that there were so many Newton related devices in the works when it was $Job'ed.
  I was working with Mitre corp on another Siemans prototype for the open office configuration...In the mid 90's people were trying to get out of the Cubical farm and into workstations. Mitre, using technology developed by the US Navy (yes, they were working with Newtons in their submarines for wireless data communications), was using a hardware device made by Siemans that looks remarkably similar to most IP phones to act as a docking station for the Newton 2100. The docking station acted like a regular phone without a Newton, but when I Newton was connected to the docking station, it personalized that workstation based off of the owner information in the Newton. It also informed the data servers that this station was configured for that particular user and activated the ethernet port for that user's level of security.
  The Newton also used a 2mb/sec wireless connection to allow location services anywhere in the building.
  When I last saw this working, there were several dozen "prototypes" setup in a "mock" office environment and it was successfully demo'ed to several corporations who were seriously considering the technology. Soon after this occurance, the Newton was abandoned and all further development, along with the prototypes were destroyed. I dumpster dived for over a week in Mitre's dumpsters for any inkling of this marvelous device, but found nothing...only sadness...
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Andreas Nijenhuis <> wrote:
  Hello list,

On the ancient Official Newton site, archived on oldschool, I found an
interesting reference to a Siemens Online Terminal based on NewtonOS :

It says :

"Siemens Online Terminal (prototype)

Siemens has released a prototype online terminal with an intuitive user
interface, based on the award winning Newton OS. An all-in-one
communication terminal, the prototype combines classical and modern
communication functions, such as wireless telephone, fax services,
answering machine capabilities, world wide web access and e-mail."

Did anyone ever see some more photos (here's just a tiny tiny one) and info?



P.S. Thanks Paul, for your kind words !

>Very well done. Hands down best web design for the Newton.

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