Re: [NTLK] [ANN] iPod accessories are compatible with Newton

From: Karel Jansens <>
Date: Sun May 28 2006 - 07:42:38 EDT

Marcus Hammerschmitt wrote:
> At 03:33 26.05.2006, you wrote:
>> Marcus,
> (...)
>> What about a bluetooth headset instead?
>> No one ever dreamed it could be possible on a MessagePad!
>> Just please take a look at this item on eBay:
> This looks really cool, but do you think it is safe? I'm thinking about the
> mechanical forces active here through such a long lever (your NewtCast plus
> this adapter). Might hurt the interconnect port pretty quickly - what do you
> think?

I have the Logitech equivalent product. I found the best way to use it
is by plugging a short extension (or, in the case of my Sony Ericsson
P910, a reduction) cable between the player and the dongle. I also use a
small piece of velcro to attach it to my MP3-enabled portable CD player.
Not to the Sony Ericsson, though: its back cover is quite flimsy.

One caveat (at least for the Logitech): the BT connection is somewhat
fiddly and even having too big a part of your body (yes, yes, insert
tasteless joke of choice here) between dongle and headphones can cause
the connection to become erratic. Other than that: a beautiful product.

(BTW, I bought it in a shop for 110 euro, so the eBay deal appears to be
not tht great)

Karel Jansens

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