Re: [NTLK] Stock Zaurus to Einstein? Help Needed

From: RossO <>
Date: Mon May 29 2006 - 13:08:52 EDT

I wrote:

>> This is an obvious candidate for the WikiWikiNewt, so I'll start a
>> page there to get this rolling. Anyone who can pitch in, please
>> respond here (for the MARC archive) and on the wiki page below.
>> Thanks everyone!

...then Paul wrote:

> The Zaurus has very little RAM and to get the Einstein Platform
> 2006 running on it, you need to install the Bootstrap image as well
> as a series of packages Einstein Platform 2006 requires, as
> mentioned in the User Manual which is part of the distribution.
> armlinux.tgz
> For most packages, the version doesn't matter. The critical one is
> libstdc++. It must be version 6 something or Einstein won't start.

I have been working through the appreciated (albeit terse) pdf for
the Platform but I continue to run into strange road blocks. I
continue to document my progress:

If anyone has some tips (re: X11 on OpenZaurus) please let me know,
or post to the wiki and I will work from there. I would ask Paul some
more questions directly, but I'm sure he's traveling, and I'm not
sure if he's done with his thesis, so I've been avoiding sending him
questions directly... though I would do anything for an image of the
flash store from the Zaurus that was at WWNC 06.

But for the moment, I'm stumped and stymied... :( I guess my first
task is to make sure that X11 is even working correctly.


(PS is anyone else even trying this?)

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