Re: [NTLK] key shortcut on Frank's web page

From: James Fraser <>
Date: Tue May 30 2006 - 01:05:33 EDT

From: Jon Glass <> wrote:

>My fear is that my 2100 power supply may be too powerful for the
>FreeKey, the one that charges your Newton. I only have the one for my
>2100. Frank's site, I don't think, mentioned power for this thing.

No, it doesn't seem to mention it explicitly.

[cries of "Unbelievable!," "Shame!," etc.]

However, Mr. Gruendel being Mr. Gruendel, you'll find a blow-up of the
FreeKey manual in the third pic down at this link (sorry, I didn't want to
link to the pic directly):

In the paragraph about two-thirds down that begins "Die Gleichstrombuchse,"
there seems to be a reference to the power supply:

>Newton - oder anderes 7V-Netzteil

I'm afraid my German isn't the best, (in fact it's almost nonexistent) but
the above would seem to indicate that the FreeKey runs on a 7 volt power
supply. Although perhaps one of the native German speakers on the list
would be kind enough to confirm this?

>>>getting my keyboard (and Apple Pro II model) to work with this thing.
>>I assume that the Pro is a USB keyboard, yes? Is there an adapter between
>>the keyboard and the FreeKey?

>Actually, no, it's an older, ADB keyboard, which the FreeKey is
>supposed to support natively. It's a honkin' big keyboard, with
>beautiful, tactile keys, but it's ADB, not USB.

Ah, do you mean the *Extended* II? Is the model number on the back "M3501?"
  With a production date of 1990 or so?

(click on "Apple" in the index on the left, then scroll down a bit)

If so, "honkin' big keyboard" is a pretty apt description. IIRC, the
original Extended was codenamed "Saratoga" and the II was nicknamed "NImitz"
after the aircraft carriers of the same names. @_@

>I had it working with this stand of mine.

>(sadly, no photos of them working together, just the stand and the
>Newton--also, notice _my_ lack of foresight, in that I made it too
>short for the 2100! There is a hole drilled for the stylus, which fits
>with a 1X0 series Newton, but disappears under the 2K series

Still, the stand contrasts nicely with the Newton. There's always something
nice about seeing high-tech products used in conjunction with natural
materials like wood.


James Fraser

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