Re: [NTLK] Hi to all and some questions

From: Paul Curtis <>
Date: Tue May 30 2006 - 14:20:40 EDT

1) Where I can find a battery cover? My 120 works great, but it doesn't have
battery cover. I've tried on Ebay, but no results...

Normally, they have most items for MP's. It looks as if they are phasing out
or running out of Message Pad items, especially 1x0 series. I would call
them to see what they could manage to find for you, or I could call on your
behalf since you appear to be European. They don't have anything right now
for the 1x0.

Interesting enough they just purchased another 600 2100's last week, they
now have in excess of 7,000 2x00 to sell. John told me that they can easily
make 3,000 perfect 2100's!

It's possible that Dr. Frank could try to source one for you. Since I can't
speak for him, you should at least e-mail a request... , this is submission form on his site. You
might also want to spend a few hours reading material from there as well as
he has a lot of useful information.

Best Regards,

Paul Curtis
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