Re: [NTLK] Blasted if I haven't cracked my back case!

From: Victor Rehorst <>
Date: Tue May 30 2006 - 15:27:24 EDT

Paul Curtis wrote:
> My 2100 suffered over the weekend in my quest to re-seat my SER-001! I
> cracked the back case. I think it was stressed already from my installation
> the first time because it didn't take ANY effort and man it cracked in about
> 4 or 5 fingers from the SER-001 area into the body of the case.
> John @ J&K is shipping me a couple more.
> Oh, and I was so mad I had to walk away, so I haven't even done the SER-001
> yet!

Whoa, take a deep breath, back away from the Newton...

I was hella pissed the first time I tried to re-seat my SER-001 (rev A). I
ended up ripping the entire header connector off of the SER board. I think
steam started coming out of my ears.

Then there was the time I tried to fix my 2100's power connector and killed
it. $229 and a few weeks later Apple sent me a new one - a pretty expensive
mistake to make for a university student :(

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