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From: Paul Curtis <>
Date: Tue May 30 2006 - 21:18:56 EDT

I'm gonna take a stab at this and encourage Eckhart Koppen to add his 2

As far as new printers go, HP's current portable printer line up is this:

Consumer Name Price HP Model
HP DeskJet 460c $210 C8150A
HP DeskJet 460cb $250 C8151A
HP DeskJet 460wf $310 C8152A

The advantage of new is the availability to ink/toner and warranty. All of
these have the Ir port and are both Win98-XP & Mac OS X compatible. This may
make it easier to justify since you have e-Mate's, Mac's and now Windows
machines. I think you'll need to install Eckhart's Nitro, Neo and IC/VC for
the Ir port to work properly with the printers. Now I'm not sure if you need
anything further like a print driver or not. I've printed to some recent HP
4's and 4xxx printers with out a print driver, so I'm not sure.

To get older printers, might save you money to acquire and may have moderate
supply costs in the case of late compatible HP lasers, but repair and
longevity might not be as good. I say might not be, because even though
these printers might have significant print counts on them, HP Laser's (they
have Canon image systems) are built like tanks and can generally live 10
years or more.

HP has made a ton of models that support the IrDA port, some 4, 5, 1300,
2100, 4000 series all had some models with the port. I'm sure there are many
more series that also had them, but dollar for dollar your best bet is going
to be the 6 series. This is new enough for durability and old enough to find

I did a search and found one for $29.99 + $22.95 shipping, they have a
number of them available. This is just an example, I'm sure if you dig you
can find a better deal, but they are out there and they are cheap. By the
way this one even came with the toner cartridge, power and print cables with
less that 37,000 printed pages and a 30 day warranty.

Best Regards,

Paul Curtis
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Hello All,
I am extremely excited that my principal is onboard and is supporting our
emates for next year by finding the money to fix the hinges and replace the
battery packs. She has also snagged us an emate card.
I won't be here to benefit, but lots of students are going to be much better
writers because of this. Unfortunately, our building will soon switch from
Mac to Windows. I suspect I can get them to keep an old Mac for use with the
eMates, but it eventually will not be able to access the network. (Yes, I
know it technically could, but I am certain that it will not be able to do
so because of red tape that I won't be here to fight.) As a result, I want
to make sure they are always able to print from the eMates so I want to see
that a printer is purchased before I leave.

I'm certain this info should be in the Newton FAQ and the wiki, but I cannot
find it, so I'm asking you...

Which printers had the IR abilities to talk with the eMates? Are any of
them good enough workhorses that buying one would be a good investment? What
should we look to pay? Can we get cartridges?

IR really would be our best bet, since sometimes our downloading has been
quirky. (For example, no matter where we tell downloaded files to go, one
copy always goes into our student, Joey's folder. Very strange.) However,
if we are not able to get an IR printer, which printer that connects to a
Mac serial port would you recommend in terms of being a long-lived printer
and us still being able to get cartridges for it?

Thank you so much for any assistance you can give.
Susan Sedro in White Bear Lake, Minnesota

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