[NTLK] Survey - Upgrade Newton Internet Enabler

From: Adriano <adriano.angelillis_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed May 31 2006 - 07:38:30 EDT

Hello list,

you know i have published an initiative here

Please concentrate and spend 5 minutes to read it entirely,
and sorry if my original language won't render well enough my
thoughts in english.

So please let me start saying that i own a MessagePad and i am proud
of it cause:

  - it's fast
  - it boots in less than one second
  - it recognizes what i write by hand
  - it makes my drawings perfect
  - it lets me print text and drawings on laser printers
  - it can print on network printers
  - it's wireless enabled (wifi and bluetooth / thanks to Hiroshi and
  - it's localtalk enabled
  - it's geoport enabled (it means that can power a clocked 5V
powered device to sync at 2MB/s)
  - runs on X4 AA batteries and can share its power with any 5V device
  - it's nice
  - its screen is large
  - it was projected on a dream
  - i could continue and you know what i mean, and i wonder if you
would add your own impressions

NewtonOS can let us also surf the internet, but the internet enabler
was projected as a sort of "hack",
so that we have never been able to surf the net using MessagePad's
complete power instead.

Some questions for you, please leave your answers:

  0. Are you aware of a device which could let you be proud of it the
same as a MessagePad could?

  1. Have you ever travelled with a laptop just to use it to surf

  2. Did you broke your laptop?

  3. Have you ever travelled with a MessagePad?

  4. Did you broke it?

  5. Have you ever desidered to use your MessagePad on the road
instead of your laptop?

Some thoughts for you, please confide your own:

  - I started an initiative which could represent yours/ours chance
to reach the highest point in terms of well made software + hardware.
On each device you will buy, you won't get what a MessagePad could

  - Have you ever tried to market a piece of high tech?
I can report that it must be simple and must have just a few
or people won't understand it and the device won't sell.
MessagePad was so complete and it was/is also so advanced,
that it needs hours of tests before being able to start to use its
default potentialities,
and obviously this wasn't a chance to sell it, and Apple decided to
stop its production,
and i am happy, cause since the day the MessagePad was "steved"
it became cool once more, and we had the chance to work on it
without having to matter about usual business rules and laws.

  - Developers would have to spend hours on compiling,
hours to take-off to their families, to their free-time, to their
so please donate some dollars to the u.nie initiative.

Please trust on it, don't leave me alone.

And if you are a developer and really do not plan to work on
upgrading NIE,
please please please please please leave your report and ideas.

  - If you can't donate a single dollar, please just leave your comment.
Any single thought would be gold and of great help really.
Here is the link to the u.nie's rss feeder:

Thanks for your time on reading my message,
and thanks in advance for any contribute.

Kind regards,

Adriano Angelillis


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