[NTLK] MP 2100 Bluetooth Setup - HELP

arceeHS arceehs at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 20:53:41 EDT 2011

OK. I am trying to set up Bluetooth connectivity on my MP 2100 with an
AmbiCom BT2000CF PCMCIA card. This is a Newton-compatible card but is not a
*known* good card. I have no reason to believe is doesn't work as it should
but have no way to test it.

My guide to this has been <
and the various links it provides

Here is the start, adding to an operable MP without issue
Blunt 0.7.7 with the Bluetooth Setup package from 0.7.6.
NIENitroBlunt 0.2.4
Neo 0.94
NTox 1.9

The host is a Mac G4 with OS 10.4.11, Bluetooth capable, without issue
Bluetooth PrefPane | Setting "Discoverable" = yes; Sharing | "Bluetooth File
Transfer" = no; "Bluetooth File Exchange" = yes.  "Require pairing for
security" = yes.
Bluetooth Setup Assistant | Select Device Type "Any Device" = yes. Passkey
Options -  “Automatically generate a passkey” = yes.

(Newton) I-Prefs
Name : "Newton" (It did this all by itself - This is not the Owner's Name &
is not the computer's name)
Device Location: Tried both PC Card slots, using the location the card is
Speed: 115,200
Driver: Used both Generic and BT2000E

Any combination of location and Driver "Test" is successful.

(MP) Bluetooth Setup
Discover Slip - The progress bar proceeds to the end but the Newton is
locked up.
On the Mac the Bluetooth PrefPane shows "Searching for Bluetooth devices"
and nothing shows up in the PrefPane Bluetooth "Devices" box.
Needs the card removed and  a Reset to get it responsive again. Test Slip -
Gets the response "Sorry, a problem has occurred. (Communications port is
One time the activity light in the card blinked a little fast, maybe
2x/second, the rest of the time there is a steady blink of  1x/2 second.

Reloaded the MP with the packages
Blunt 1.0
NIENitroBlunt 0.2.4
Neo 1.0.3
NTox 1.9

After several tries with  consistent non-results with individual setting
changes between tries  the Mac finally discovered the MP .
The Activity light on the card showed various blink rates during the
discovery (Is there a second "Sync" light when the connection is

Bluetooth Setup Assistant - “Automatically generate a passkey” = yes and
provided a passkey number for the MP to send back to the computer.

However, the MP is still stuck with the progress bar “Discovering” and is
unresponsive - the passkey confirmation can’t be sent back to the computer.
The MP requires pulling the card and a Reset to be functional again.
Resetting without removing the card is ineffective.

I am obviously missing some crucial detail which would allow the connection
to complete but I don't know where to go from here. Your instruction would
be greatly appreciated.


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