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J.M. Heinrichs minicapt1 at mac.com
Wed Jul 6 19:13:39 EDT 2011

Such are available in iOS:
1.  Go to 'Settings > General > Keyboard > International > "Add New Keyboard"'; you have a selection 30+ language-based keyboard, including 8 Chinese, and 'Emoji'.
2.  Having added one or more keyboards, you will find a 'Globe' key to the spacebar left which will switch between your chosen keyboards. The keyboard's name appears briefly on the spacebar after a change.
3.  In addition to multi-keyboards-in-one, iOS has the multi-keys-in-one: tap and hold a key to see which alternate accented versions are available.
4.  You can, when switching to the numeric/symbol keyboard, hold the 'number key', wait for the keyboard to change, then slide over to the desired key and release. That key will be entered, and the keyboard changes back to your original.
5.  Further examples:
a.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdKmBvr4KHc
b.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8shvqhN8ss

J.M. Heinrichs
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On 05 Jul 11, at 19:08, Rod Lavington wrote:

> Hi All!
> No matter how long I have used a Newton over the years, its always a delight
> to discover a "new" feature (well, new to me!).
> After correcting something with the on screen keyboard today,
> I accidentally tapped the keyboard icon rather than the close icon.  To my
> surprise up popped some options for different types of keyboards (numerical
> etc).  Man, this is such a brilliant piece of kit!
> *Shakes fist at Apple for discontinuing the Newton*
> Seeya
> Rod!
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