[NTLK] Two Newton 2000 FS-one upgrade to 2100

Todd Naber applguy at gmail.com
Sun Jul 10 20:05:33 EDT 2011

Hello Newton Listers:
 Before I list these on the LEM List I wanted to give you'll first
dibs on these items (sorry if this isn't allowed).

I have two Newton MP2000's-one upgraded to a MP2100 by Apple. The
straight MP2000 is beautiful (great screen) and has all the covers,
stylus and battery tray plus a 4mb card.

The ugly MP2000 upgraded by Apple to a MP2100 has a cracked case, good
screen (with a few marks) no stylus, no cover- but has a battery tray.

Neither have been updated to the 2010 patch so you'll have to
negotiate that yourself.

I also have a Newton Keyboard with leather case (never used) that I'd
include with the two Newton's.

I'll take PayPal (only shipping to a U.S. Address).

I've seen Apple Newton Keyboards on eBay for $50, so maybe I could
$100 for both Newton MP2000/2100 and the Newton Keyboard?

Todd Naber
Everson, WA 98247

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