[NTLK] Calendar syncing

Tony Kan tony.kan at clear.net.nz
Wed Jul 13 17:55:45 EDT 2011

Hi Nic

Lookout was an app that allowed synching with Outlook.  Do a search on the
archives for LookOut.  Although was never released as freeware there is a

I ended up preferring to back up to several memory cards rather than use a
desktop PIM.  Saved a lot of work and made me get the best out of my Newton.


Tony Kan

New Zealand

> Greetings Newtoneers
> Probably a frequent question but not one I've seen on this list since
getting my MP2000 and eMate 3 months ago...
> Is there a way to get Outlook (WinXP) or Apple iCal (Leopard or Snow
Leopard) events and tasks, or Google Calendar (who says I'm not flexible!)
to sync with a program on the Newton 2.0 platform?
> Cheers
> Nic

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