[NTLK] Newbie with a whole bunch of Y2010 patch questions

Rusty Miles Rusty.Miles at tn.gov
Thu Jul 14 10:50:20 EDT 2011

I can't believe there's nobody out there that can shed some light on this.  Did I ask too many questions or am I being shunned by the community?
Seriously, if there is another resource I need to use or someone is willing to help me off line please let me know.  I was hoping I could update the documentation and the zip file once I get the answers for any other "Johnny come lately's".

>>> "Rusty Miles" <Rusty.Miles at tn.gov> 7/11/2011 5:06 PM >>>
Greetings all,

I have recently acquired a MP2100 with which I was able to determine that the MP2100 (converted from a MP2000) that I had acquired earlier had a bad interconnect port.  So now that I have a way to transfer packages to my Newtons I have started to see what else I can do with them. (using an old Toshiba laptop running Win 2000 btw)

Since I can't seem to set the date to the current date (reverts to 1996 like is noted on Eckhart's site), I'm guessing that neither one of them currently have the Y2010 patch installed.  I have been researching the process in an attempt to understand what I'm doing before I actually do it and now have a bunch of questions that I'm hoping the group can answer.

1. Is the patch on UNNA?  If it is I couldn't find it.  I got the Patch-711000.zip file from 40hz which looked like it was the same file Tony referenced from his site.  I also downloaded Y2010_Diagnostic.pkg from Ed's site.

2. What are the files in the zip file?  The contents of the zip file don't seem to match the list in the readme.txt file.  The readme file list 'Y2010 Diagnostic.pkg' & '717260 Install Override.pkg' Which I don't see.  I admit I haven't looked in the 'Patch.sit' file yet (need to get a copy of Stuffit Expander).  I understand that 'Patch.pkg' is the actual patch but what are the 'ROMPatch.pkg' & 'RExPatch.pkg' files?  And what are all the files that start with "._"?

3. The readme.txt file states that it is patch version 71J059, which if I understand correctly is the previous version of the Y2010 patch.  Is this the same readme.txt file that was used for the previous patch and just needs updating?

4. I finally realized that the "717260" referred to the NOS/ROM version.  Since this is a ROM patch, once the patch is installed can I remove the package file from my Newton?

5. Is this package beamable? (so that I can transfer it to my Newton with the bad interconnect port)

6. Where can I get the file '717260 Install Override.pkg' (just in case)? I did download the 'PatchRemover-000000.zip' file from Eckhart's site as well just in case I needed it.

Sorry if I'm being thick.  Any help that can be offered is appreciated.

Rusty Miles
Nashville, TN

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