[NTLK] SerChannel3 *is* installed!?? Where's the $!^@@!)% extension package?

Jim Witte jim.witte at gmail.com
Sat Jul 23 11:15:43 EDT 2011

	I got a USB-001 a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t have the SerChannel3 extension installed so still had the bootstrapping problem..  Or so I though.  I was poking around trying to see if I had a copy of ViewFrame on a card (I don’t) or figure out some other way to *write* an autopart frame directly, or maybe somehow connect the modem card to the old iMac’s modem via RJ-45 somehow (*)  So I tapped Dock just to see what was there already there.  And serial channel 3 was there..  The extension package *isn’t* thought, so I don’t know where it came from..  Was it included in Paul’s 710031 ROM patch?


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