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Tony Kan tony.kan at clear.net.nz
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Yeah, it's become a way of life over here.  Brings a new meaning to
lifestyle choice.

Unfortunately a lot of people can't choose where they live while they wait
for insurance assessors to decide whether or not they can rebuild, if they
can't then they have to wait for the same insurers to pay up before they can
find somewhere else to either buy or build.  Many landlords have started
raising rents sensing that there is higher demand for rental properties, in
some cases by 20%-25%.  The Mayor has accused them of looting in another

Some parts of the city still don't have functioning water supplies and
sewage.  Mostly because continuing aftershocks keep redamaging something
that has already been repaired.  Together with the aftershocks, it makes
life pretty stressful.

Insurers are also slowing in their plans to rebuild as some have had to pay
out three or four times already on the same buildings only to find they had
to demolish them in the end.

Otherwise the city is getting on with life in the "new norm."

Most of the wealth producing parts of the city are in the suburbs so
employment has dropped but is growing again.  All the professional services
such as lawyers, accountants and business advisors were disrupted heavily
when the CBD took most of the damage.  The CBD still remains cordoned off
and is eerily dark at night because power hasn't been restored there and the
army continues to keep looters away.  In effect, the city is like a donut
with a huge whole in the middle.

Doctors report a higher than average number of people with stress related
diseases such as Psoriasis, eczema, cold sores, insomnia, unseasonally
higher incidences of colds and flus.

Apart from the loss of life, a lot of landmark and historical buildings have
been destroyed, or earmarked for demolition.

Life can be challenging.


Tony Kan

New Zealand

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I just read that there have been 7,500 earthquakes in Christchurch NZ,
average of 20 a day, since last September. Wow.


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