[NTLK] Twitter like a Newton MessagePad

R A Parker RAParker at Newted.ORG
Fri May 13 08:53:00 EDT 2011

Yes. You can tweet from a Wireless Newton MessagePad 2100. tweetymail.com

The deeper I reflected on my Newton's first tweet, the more it made sense. Tweeting from a MessagePad should be as simple as sending an email.


With a free account, you are allowed to send 100 tweets every Month. You are also given two alerts for "instant email" notifications of specific trigger events. Want more? $2.95 a Month is a very reasonable price to give your Newton 500 tweets and a full suite of scriptable features.

Another service Newton users can use is:


Rhymes with twi(tter) (Al)ert.

Twilert is a free Service that lets you set up regular emails of Twitter searches. Enter a search term like "Newton MessagePad" or "@UNNA or @Newtontalk" and specify an interval (6:00a & 4:00p).

The two services combined will not only give your Newton the ability to post to twitter, but also the ability to create filtered feeds delivered to your Inbox. Essentially, a full featured Twitter client using your Newton's email.

Sent using Mail V and a Wireless Newton 2100.
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