[NTLK] Invoicing packages?

Morgan Aldridge morgant at makkintosshu.com
Wed May 4 11:23:33 EDT 2011

I've been using Blinksale for a number of years for my limited
Invoicing needs and absolutely love it, but they're finally doing away
with their free account. I only average 1-2 invoices a month with
earnings around $30 (yes, I undervalue myself terribly), so it's not
worth paying $9/month. Truthfully, I keep all my financial records in
PocketMoney anyway, so I think now is the time to switch to a
Newton-based invoicing solution (yes, it is a bit of backward

I've looked through the offerings on UNNA and have spent the most time
evaluating Iambic's TimeReporter. It's _very_ close to what I need,
but I find that while it can do invoicing, it doesn't _save_ invoices
(though I can print them and/or keep a copy of the print in my Out
Box). It lets me route individual time entries, but not the results of
reports or invoices, so I can't even email them. It also seems to only
allow a single rate for an activity/service (although it can be
customized by customer or project, which is a huge plus), so as rates
change over time I'd have to rely on the printed/archived copy of an
invoice to know the rate. It does support exporting data as CSV/TSV
using an old app for Windows/Mac OS, so I can get my data out of it,
if needed.

I do use BillsToPay, so I could sort of implement invoicing with it
(which does support routing a full list as TSV to Notes, so I could
email Invoices), but it's not ideal (things are called "bills",
there's no quantity or rate columns, etc.).

Does anyone know of any other OS 2.x invoicing tools which really
focus on invoicing as opposed to time tracking? (I know, I'm decades
too late on this.)


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