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Hey LEM,

So I'm graduating and trying to thin out my collection of "cool old
Apple stuff" in preparation for moving. Here are a few items of

1. Mac Mini G4 1.42 Ghz -- 512 MB, 80 GB hard drive, Combo
This is the first Mac Mini produced back in 2005-2006. We custom-
ordered it, which means it has an odd combo of options. Specs are as
listed above. The hard drive is not the original (I believe it was 40
GB from Apple) but is OEM Apple from an old PowerBook I had. Has
Bluetooth but no AirPort.

Includes a fresh install of 10.3.7 (that's what's on the restore disc,
it'll run 10.5 pretty well), original restore discs,
power brick, DVI to VGA adapter and an old-skool Apple Bluetooth Mouse
(one button). Asking $175 OBO.

2. Apple eMate 300
In very good condition. Screen is crisp and clear with great
backlighting. Batteries do not hold a charge, though the software (and
status LED) says they are "Charging". Has writing on the "name tag" on
the underside as it was owned by a school at some point.

Includes the power brick and original Newton/eMate green & metal
stylus. Asking $80 OBO.

3. Apple Newton 2100
In very good condition. Screen is crisp with a few little "scuffs"
that do not interfere with the touchscreen at all. This is a Newton
2000 model that was upgraded to a 2100.

Includes the power brick, the coveted AA Battery Tray (so you run 4
AAs instead of rechargables) and the flappy screen cover that clips to
the side. Asking $80 OBO.

I have software and a few manuals that can go with either Newton model
on a first-come, first-served basis. Nothing big but nice memorabilia
that would otherwise be trashed.

I accept payment through PayPal and all prices do include shipping.
Photos of everything for sale can be found at [http://gallery.me.com/


Jake Thiewes
Harrisonburg, VA 22801
jake.thiewes at me.com

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