[NTLK] Looking for a journal program

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Fri May 6 20:58:00 EDT 2011

Nope they don't.  The closest thing you can get is to use Toworks to
convert a works document to notes, then encrypt it there.  There are
several encryption packages for notes:

Supernotepad (SAS): Encryption works ok, and of course adds a lot of
other features.  But each note is done separately so if you have a lot
of entires takes a while to decrypt them all.  Not heavy duty
encryption, but would keep out most prying eyes.  And a soup editor to
view the data is certainly out.

The Fish:  Nice package but has a odd quirk, if you decrypt then
unprotect a note, it does not delete the encrypted note in the process.
 A bit odd considering that you could easily loose track of which ones
you already decrypted and unprotected.  It has the ability to encrypt a
bunch of notes at once via overview, you need to decrypt them one at a
time.  Works ok and is free, I haven't found any problems with it other
than what I just mentioned.

Secret (by SBM):  Now this one is different.  It encrypts all notes you
have select to be protected in one shot and decrypts them the same way.
 When encrypted and locked (viewing turned off) the notes are now longer
in the notepad.  How this works is the encrypted notes are actually
stored in another soup.  If you unlock (turn on viewing by entering your
password) all notes a shown and decrypted then unprotect a note via
routing it moves the note from the encrypted soup to the normal notes
soup.  It can also protect your important (private) data stored in your
owners card (credit card info for example).  The only possible downside
I see is if you have a lot of notes, it may take a while to lock/unlock
your encrypted notes (viewable/not viewable).  Still testing.

What would really be nice is a way to have the fish work in more areas
(works for example), decrypt several notes at once, and remove the
encrypted entry once you unprotect a note.  Ah well, I have something
that will get the job done, even if not the best solution.


On 5/5/2011 9:51 PM, Tony Kan wrote:
> Sorry Dan,
> Nothing springs to mind.  Did one of the Works enhancements from Standalone
> or Writestuff from Landware include a Works lockout?
> I'm sure you will have already explored using the system password to lockout
> prying eyes from the Newton as a whole but its annoying having to enter it
> in everytime the Newton has to be switched on.
> Hmmm...
> Tony
> [snip]
> Anyone know of a good journal/log type package for 2.x?  Looking for one
> that encrypts its soup.  I know that there are extensions to do that
> with the notepad, but of course each entry is encrypted separately,
> which makes searching more difficult since you have to decrypt all the
> pages first.  What I have works...just looking to see if there is
> something better/easier.
> [snip]
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