[NTLK] data on and off

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Thu May 12 15:49:54 EDT 2011

Ok first off you can't read a newton formated card in a laptop.  The
formatting is totally different.  While you can get Wifi to work with
certain cards (others can fill in as to the details) you can't use SSL,
which is a lot of wifi connections anymore.

Usually the first thing to do is get a copy of Newton Connection
Utilities and a serial cable to connect your newton to your XP laptop.
But you might find a better more stable connection is with getting a
copy of Virtual PC by microsoft and installing a copy of Windows98 to
it, then install Newton Connection Utilities to the windows 98 virtual
machine.  I have found the most stable and usable connections this way,
especially with newer systems (and mandatory if you have a 64 bit system
as NCU will not install to a 64 bit system directly).

There is a another newton connection tool for windows that works with
more systems and is stable.  You can get it for a $40 donation to UNNA
(unna.org) but it only works with one newton so you would need to buy a
copy for each newton you own.

Aa for ebooks, this is possible but you won't be able to buy ebooks and
install them.  If you can get ebooks without encryption (plain text
files or something that can be made into plain text) then you can create
newton books quite easily using Press.  But it only works 32bit systems,
otherwise you will have to install it on a virtual machine.  Another
method is to use the paperback maker which can make basic newton books
as well.  Or the newtonbook maker, but that requires more learning to
use properly.  Press is what most people use.

Now if you get a wifi card that works with a newton, then you can do
wireless.  I haven't in a while, but regardless to get this working you
first have to get the wireless drivers installed on your newton.  And
that means either a card with the drivers installed for you or using the
serial method mentioned above.

One last tip, the serial port (flat newton interconnect port at the top
of a MP2x00) is very very fragile, be very very careful with it when you
plug or unplug anything (plug it in straight and very slow and
carefully).  And if you break the port there is no way to fix it
directly.  There are cards that you can get that install inside a MP2100
that gives another serial port, but you can't fix the original one once
it breaks.


On 5/11/2011 5:26 PM, Just Vecht wrote:
> I got a Newton Messagepad 2100 through a friend, who liked to see in in 
> good hands. I love the thing. Now I need to learn how it works. I like 
> it to be able to get my e-mail when at a WiFi hotspot and hopefully I 
> can use Twitter as well. Perhaps use it as an ebook reader too?
> First hurdle is: how do I get data on and off? It has a 12 MB Pretec 
> linear flash card. I have an an older laptop running Windows XP with a 
> wide PCMCIA slot. However XP does not recognize the card. I did not find 
> any software or driver yet.
> regards,
> Just Vecht

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