[NTLK] data on and off

Just Vecht justvecht at tiscali.nl
Thu May 12 16:18:30 EDT 2011

Hi Morgan,

I used Slackware before. Compiling is no problem. Looks like UnixNPI 
needs a serial port. OK, so I need a serial port somehow. Up to the 
junkyard for a old PC with such a port (tons of it there), install Linux 
and so forth? LOL!

Anyhow, I am making progress. Thanks so much.


Just Vecht

http://www.justvecht.nl (beware! much dutch)

Op 12-05-11 22:05, Morgan Aldridge schreef:
> On Thu, May 12, 2011 at 4:02 PM, Just Vecht<justvecht at tiscali.nl>  wrote:
>> Thanks. I use Ubuntu Linux. It looks like NCU runs under Wine. I hate
>> running Windows programs under Linux (matter of principle perhaps too),
>> but this will be the exception perhaps. Wine is not an emulator<g>, but
>> it does quite nicely in some cases.
> If you're comfortable with the command line&  compiling software, you
> could build&  install UnixNPI<http://unixnpi.sourceforge.net/>  which
> is a Newton package installer for Linux/UNIX.
> Morgan
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