[NTLK] data on and off

Just Vecht justvecht at tiscali.nl
Fri May 13 02:47:59 EDT 2011

Basilisk! I know Basilisk. I have used it with great enthusiasm and 
still have the CD's, all of it. The MacOS CD was provided by a Japanese 
friend at that time. Been to Japan many times in the past.

The Newton seems the very thing to have very big fans in Japan. Maybe 
not due to lack of Jap locale support perhaps. Need to do a lot of 
things today in prep for tomorrows full waterpolo comp day, so the 
Newton will not be touched much for the moment.


Just Vecht

Op 13-05-11 08:16, Smith Woody schreef:
> Looks like it may not work
> see<http://marc.info/?l=newtontalk&m=128462170505144&w=2>
> be sure to click on "next in thread"
> Also try search for Basilisk, I seem to recall conversations about it
> though I believe it also had difficulty with recognizing the USB/
> serial ports.
> Woody
> On May 12, 2011, at 3:02 PM, Just Vecht wrote:
>> Hi Dan,
>> Thanks. I use Ubuntu Linux. It looks like NCU runs under Wine. I hate
>> running Windows programs under Linux (matter of principle perhaps
>> too),
>> but this will be the exception perhaps. Wine is not an emulator<g>,
>> but
>> it does quite nicely in some cases.
>> I have some old PCMCIA NICs. Who knows.
>> regards,
>> Just Vecht
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