[NTLK] OT PowerMac G4 500 Mhz AGP

Smith Woody woodysmith at me.com
Sun May 15 00:07:30 EDT 2011

You can run 10.4 on it if you choose and Classic.
You can also get a serial card, I used to use a keyspan 4 port card in  
a g4 I used to have.  Drivers for classic or OS X were available.


On May 14, 2011, at 10:36 PM, Dale Raby wrote:

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> Hello,
> I just acquired a PoweMac G4 500 Mhz AGP.  As it runs on the PPC
> platform, there doesn't seem to be much support for it any longer.   
> The
> OS is 10.3.9 after my updates.
> Doesn't seem to be a serial port, so no interface with my Newtons.
> I'm seeing a Yellow Dog in its future...
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