[NTLK] OT PowerMac G4 500 Mhz AGP

Tony Kan tony.kan at clear.net.nz
Sun May 15 16:40:41 EDT 2011

I couldn't agree more.  If you can afford it, that's the way to go.


Tony Kan

New Zealand

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I think the end all goal for any Newton user is to become Wireless. Once
done, the connectivity and speed of wireless keeps the Newton relevant and
useful, at least for me.

Last week, I installed a WiFi card in my work Win 7 PC. I've turned on ICS
(Internet Connection Sharing) to share the Internet coming in on the
built-in Ethernet over the WiFi card.  My Newton is now able to connect (on
demand) through this Ad Hoc WiFi connection. A connection at home, and now a
connection at work. Easy.

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