[NTLK] How do you export a Notes outline to Newt Works?

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Mon May 16 10:22:45 EDT 2011

There are a few packages that can do this.  ToWorks from Stand Alone
Software comes to mind (it can move any data from notepad to works and
back again, along with many other packages if they support routing).
But there are a few other options.  Some of them free.  Another great
package set is WriteStuff by Landware.  Not only for this, but it is a
great set of tools for the writer.  Another option is to export it via
Newton Connection Utilities as a RTF file, then import it back into
works.  Not as convenient, but it does work well.


On 5/16/2011 10:13 AM, Nic Malone wrote:
> Hi
> Does anyone know if and how you can get an 'outline' from Notes into the word-processor in Newt Works? I don't see the point in outlining a document only to be unable to flesh it out with actual writing in a word-processor. I'm trying to do this on an eMate and I must be missing something.
> Thanks
> Nic

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