[NTLK] AC adaptor question

Rusty Miles Rusty.Miles at tn.gov
Tue May 17 16:29:25 EDT 2011

Hey All,
I just acquired a MP2100 to keep my MP100 company, and the 2100 came with an AC adaptor (which I never had for the 100).  Can anyone confirm if I can also use that adaptor on my MP100 as well without turning the MP100 into a smoldering Newton paperweight?  I found an old article at support.apple.com that would seem to indicate I can but I'd really hate to fry my MP100.  I will not be using the AC adaptor to recharge the batteries as neither unit has the rechargeable battery pack.  I have been using rechargeable batteries in the battery trays that I recharge in a charger outside the Newton.  Any ideas, suggestions, criticisms?

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