[NTLK] For Sale: Rare Newton T-Shirts, Stickers, Tchotchke (some Apple internal only)

Maurice Sharp msharp at pobox.com
Wed May 18 01:06:37 EDT 2011

Hi folks,

I am selling a bunch of my collection of Newton T-Shirts, Stickers, Pins, and other items. Some of them were only given to Apple Newton employees (I was one of them :-) All items are in brand new condition unless otherwise stated.

You can see pictures of the items at:

Payment is via PayPal (or cash if you are in the Bay Area and we meet up.) All costs are in US$ and shipping is extra. Shipping will be whatever it costs to ship it to you by whatever method you choose plus any fees PayPal charges for the transaction (unless you have something like a UPS account number or similar that I can charge shipping to.)

Maurice Sharp
Ex-Newton DTS Engineer

The items, quantities, and costs:

Shirt						Quantity		Cost (per)
Purple T XL					6				$30
Think Fast XL				1				$30
protoNewtonDeveloper XL	2				$30
Newton Solution Provider	XL	2				$30

Green Baseball Cap			3				$30

Newton Lapel Pin			13				$15
eMate Lapel Pin				6				$15

Package Sticker Sheets		9 batches of 5	$make me an offer per batch

Newton Sticker				12 batches of 10	$make me an offer per batch

Extremely Rare
Newton Inc stickers			8				$make me an offer per sticker

Rare Launch Day Badge		2				$make me an offer per badge
These are from the original
MP launch in Boston

Extremely Rare				4				$make me an offer per sticker
Starcore Stickers

Super Rare Quark YoYo		2				$make me an offer per YoYo
These were internal gifts
for the Quark (MP130) team.
They are glow in the dark
since the 130 had a backlight

Newton Pen/Highlighter		4				$make me an offer per pen
highlighter works, pens dry

Newton Sweda Watch		2				$make me an offer per watch
Needs battery

Newton Reverse Decal		30 batches of 5	$make me an offer per batch

Newton Tattoo				Batches of 10	$make me an offer per batch (at least 10 batches)

Parallel Printer Cable			1				$make me an offer

Extremely Rare Retail			1				$make me an offer
Trade Show Decoration

Extremely Rare POS Card		1				$make me an offer

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