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From what I have read Camping had made a similar forecast back in '94 and when it didn't happen he claimed that he had the math wrong and it will probably be no different this time. There are always people forecasting doom and gloom which is why I ignore all of it. But then I don't really put a lot of stock in the Bible or any other religious books, most if not all are someone's interpretation of something that happened or what was written so long ago in some lost language. Besides the Bible was rewritten in some cases to suit political agendas.

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> This happened in the 1840s with a chap named Miller. When the event did not materialise, he redid his calculations and discovered a later date. When this one failed as weel, he disappeared and his followers reorganised. You probably know of them: the Jehovah Witnesses.
> Also, this was Camping's second or third run for gold. Those who would be truly upset by the no-rapture, will probably find something else to be worried about in less than 24 hours. Th losers will be the counsellors and pysch-helpers who anticipated new business.
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