[NTLK] MessagePad 2000: newbie questions

R A Parker RAParker at Newted.ORG
Sun May 22 10:36:00 EDT 2011

Welcome! You've come to the right place.

Yes. Having an eMate with a Keyspan adapter is an excellent alternative to having a proprietary dongle for your 2000. The first question is whether or not your 4MB card is eMate compatible (read-write) or is it read-only? I suspect the latter. No matter.

You will find the best success if you simply install on the eMate first, and then Beam the packages to the 2000. 

Some things must be installed on the internal store because they absolutely must be. Additionally, moving from the internal store to the 4MB card and then back to another internal store, essentially, un-installs it from the first device and only moves them around. Blech!

Installing and then Beaming gets around this issue very nicely.

Yes, packages are activated at reboot, alphabetically, starting with the internal store and then the PCMCIA cards. If you eject a card, packages must be de-activated first. Hence, you will discover, the Newton always wants you to re-insert a card when you first eject it. When you re-re-insert the card, the packages are re-re-activated. 

For hardware questions, I'm hoping Frank Gruendel or another long-time NewtonTalker will chime in with those screw specifications. As for a battery, there is no inexpensive answer. I think we are all hoping Newton Sales will come through with $40 AA battery trays. Not Cheap even at that price. However, he has suggested a lot more for them.

Remember, we here to help.


On Sunday, May 22, 2011 at 10:10 am Nic Malone wrote:

> I'm new to Newton, have just
> received a pre-owned MP2000
> from NewtonSales and need some
> advice from the NewtonTalkers.
> My MP lacks the all-important
> serial dongle to communicate
> with my OSX or Win98 machines.
> Now, I do have an eMate that
> connects to OSX via a Keyspan
> /serial lead combo,
> I also have an Orinoco Silver
> WiFi card, and a 4mb memory card.
> Does anyone know if I can install
> the WiFi driver package from
> UNNA onto the memory card using
> the eMate then put the card into
> the MP2000 to enable the package
> on that device? 
> The emate seems to check
> memory cards for packages
> before activating them each time
> it reboots. I wondered
> Second question:
> The MP2000 unit arrived with al
> l the screws for it's backplate
> missing
> Does anyone know the screw
> specifications so that I can buy
> some new ones from a PC parts shop?
> Has any Newton
> user in the UK found a place
> that can re-cell the MP2000
> battery pack?

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