[NTLK] Correct text file encoding for Paperback book making

Smith Woody woodysmith at me.com
Mon May 30 11:37:55 EDT 2011

Newton press is able to make books for the 2100 display. look at drop  
down menus, might be preferences.  you can also modify font and size  
to some extent.
Books may be created or edited on your 2100 using NewtsCape by Steve  
Weyer.  I discussed this a couple years back, see
Any web site viewed threw NewtsCape can be saved as a newton book.   
Therefore if you format you book as HTML and access it from a web  
server, you can save it as a newton book.

Dan has also written a tutorial for making books using BookMaker, see

Each of these will let you set the page size for books you are creating.


On May 30, 2011, at 9:35 AM, Nic Malone wrote:

> I'm trying to use my new MP as an eBook reader. I've managed to get  
> books
> converted into text files using Calibre then Paperback Bookmaker to  
> produce
> PKG files. Having worked out that each book must be split into  
> sub-1MB PKG
> files to avoid memory errors on the MP, I now have the problem of  
> sqaure
> characters and other odd characters replacing any punctuation in the  
> text
> (eg " ! , ' etc). Makes it hard to read pages with a lot of dialog.  
> I think
> this is down to me using the wrong encoding when saving the text  
> (.txt)
> file. I think they are saving in UTF-8. Does anyone know what text  
> encoding
> is best with Paperback?
> PS I dont use Newton Books as its failure to fill more than half the  
> screen
> is too annoying.
> Cheers, Nic

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