[NTLK] Wireless patch install, Newton Press and WEP woes

Nic Malone nicmalone at mac.com
Mon May 30 15:07:24 EDT 2011

Thanks Ron, grabbing the y2010 patch from a website worked like a charm. Easiest thing I've done on the Newton setup so far! I can now use the Dates app (app? Package? Extension?) and have the correct time and date on posts ;-). I had read about setting up a web server for package downloads on the Egg Freckles or My Apple Newton blog. I've set up one one on my OSX box but Nethopper complains it's lacking a text plugin because of the way OSX 'helpfully' sets up a landing page. I'll try it on the XP partition. 

I'll look again at Newton Press using your tips and tutorial, Dan. If it can produce full page views it IS better than Paperback. I must have missed something first time around. 

Woody, I've tried the WEP key as hex and string, "use WEP" checkbox ticked, to no avail. I'm using Hiroshi's driver (unregistered) with an Orinoco Silver Card (Lucent). The wifi network is 64 bit encrypted WEP and the card says "Encryption: WEP 64" on the back.


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