[NTLK] [OT] Wallstreet II

Scott Hoffman hoffo at gmx.com
Fri Sep 2 00:45:35 EDT 2011

Hi all,
     Had a pleasant surprise package from OWC today - guess the backorder
was filled early!  Got my new Wallstreet II PRAM and main batteries today!
I'm typing this from it now - seems to work great!
     Got the email problem on it fixed for now - I'd purchased a good old
copy of M$ Office 2001 and loaded it up.  Got Entourage working and all -
which is great, because I've been running into some other issues with the
good ol' Newt.  More on that in another email.
     From what it appears, the problem was indeed the combination of the bad
PRAM which was drained after sitting for so long and the bad / dead main
     All's well in 1998.  :)
     Take care and again, thank you all for your help!

On 8/21/11 3:58 PM, "Lloyd Conway" <doc_retro at juno.com> wrote:

> Hello, Kate (and Scott, et al):
>    One other thing to try with a Wallstreet is a Power manager key
> sequence
> at startup.  Press Shift, Function, Control & the Power keys together after
> you've first shut the WS down.  Wait 5 seconds and then power up with the
> Power key alone.
>    I hope that this is of help.
> Regards,
> -Lloyd
> Hi Scott, I had the exact same experience dusting off my old
> Wallstreet.... the green light blinks but the power button just
> triggers the fan and a kind of vroom sound but no boot. I removed the
> dead battery and booted fine from the power supply only -- putting
> the battery back causes it to fail again.
> So a new battery will likely do the trick unless there's a problem
> with the wiring ... in the meantime just remove the old battery and
> boot using the power supply with an empty battery bay...
> good luck,
> Kate

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