[NTLK] ATA Support and Compact Flash Cards

Smith Woody woodysmith at me.com
Sat Sep 3 14:36:56 EDT 2011

I believe the version on Paul's site is the latest and free version.   
Earlier versions required registering.


On Sep 3, 2011, at 1:02 PM, arceeHS wrote:

> Hi 'talkers
> I just got a Compact Flash card to use with my MP. The usual PMCIA  
> Linear
> Flash memory cards that have been available seem to be rather - well -
> pricey.
> In getting the card into service I came up with a few observations and
> questions.
> I got the ATA Support software from  Paul Guyot's website <
> http://www.kallisys.com/ and the install and setup couldn't have  
> been any
> smoother. I had tried the download from UNNA  <ATASupport1.0RC6.1>.  
> The
> installer requires entry of the supplied Registration Number but  
> then wont
> accept it. Did I miss something?
> Have I overlooked a users guide or Read Me, something that explains  
> all the
> things that ATA Support can do? There are lots of icons to do a lot of
> things but I haven't figured much of it out.
> The info on the MP for the CF card says it is 3.3V. The card spec  
> says it is
> "3.3V/5V". Is this a problem?
> Thanks,
> arceeHS

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