[NTLK] Spanish translations needed

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Mon Sep 5 17:07:18 EDT 2011

Hi gang,

I'm currently working on the software section of my site. I'm wondering if
some native spanish speaker could perhaps translate the text following
I normally ask people to reply off-list, but in this case please post to the
list so that others do not spend time on this if it has already been done.

Thanks a lot in advance!



Software for the Apple Newton MessagePad and eMate

Are you still using a Newton with an operating system earlier than Newton OS
2.0? When you have to set the time, is that stupid analog clock with the
tiny clock hands driving you crazy? Why not have a look at BetterSetter!

Do you have an old MessagePad lying around yet have no clue what to use it
for? Maybe DotClock will give your reliable little friend a new job.

NewtTest provides detailed information on your Newton or eMate's hardware.
It also provides a couple of handy hardware tests.

NewtLight provides an easy way to switch the power on and off at the
Newton's serial or interconnect port. It was initially written for Adriano
Angelillis' NewtLight and NewtEye hardware which, unfortunately, is no
longer sold.

Are you unsure if your rechargeables are still as good as they used to be?
Looking for a reproducible way to test your batteries' performance? BattLog
might be what you're looking for.

All programs have bugs. However, I am such an incredibly smart and talented
programmer that all of my software is an exception to the rule. In the
unlikely case that I'm wrong, every bug you encounter can be eliminated - if
you report them. 

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