[NTLK] High resolution images of Newton mainboards

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Tue Sep 6 10:34:24 EDT 2011

I wonder if it makes sense to add RAM, or if adding internal flash would be better. Then again, we can have flash on PC cards, but not RAM. 

The RAM chip is a 51W16165 from Hitachi. The case they used has three unused pins, so it is indeed possible that a compatible chip exists with twice, four times, or even eight times the given memory. If I can find such a chip, it would be a quite easy replacement (well, SMD soldering required) plus one additional patch cable per chip - if such a chip ever existed and still exists.

This still leaves the question of NewtonOS for 8 MB RAM unanswered.

 - Matthias

On 06.09.2011, at 16:20, Dan wrote:

> At one time (and if I am mistaken please do correct me).  PCB man was
> indeed looking into this.  He thought it was possible but it was very
> involved (certainly not drop in replacement...anything but) and due to
> other issues ended up leaving the Newton platform before the project
> gained traction.
> -Dan
> On 9/6/2011 8:26 AM, Matthias Melcher wrote:
>> On 31.08.2011, at 23:41, Michael wrote:
>>> So, would it be possible to install, say 8MB chips instead?
>> I doubt that. The operating system may not recognize them. Also, I am not sure if the logic provides enough pins. I am pretty sure that it is mnot a "dropi-in" replacement. It may work with an adapter board and a patched ROM, but who would put that effort into such a project?

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