[NTLK] Newton reference...in the oddest of places

Lloyd Conway doc_retro at juno.com
Wed Sep 7 20:44:22 EDT 2011

Greetings, All:
     While sitting here with one of my daughters watching a re-run of 
the cartoon "Pinky and the Brain" episode 'Das Mouse," which parodies 
"Das Boot" and all the other submarine movies ever made, as a sub-hunter 
leaves port at high speed, he exclaims, "Hang on to your Newton...we're 
going sub hunting!"
    I wonder how many of the kiddies watching this when it first ran on 
Saturday morning even noticed the reference, let alone knew what a 
Newton was?  Link: 
It's about 9:30 in to the cartoon.
-Lloyd Conway
  Charlotte, Michigan


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