[NTLK] Two cards, two devices

Stephan Weber ashkelon at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 17:20:06 EDT 2011

I have a 2100 that is my primary machine, and an emate that I use if I'm
doing a lot of keyboard editing. Typically I will backup individual
documents (and sometimes other things like contacts or calendar entries) on
the emate to card and transfer them to the 2100, after that I will do a full
backup of the 2100, restore the emate from the 2100's backup and then do a
second full backup of the emate to its own card.

This is clunky, but until about 3 days ago, all I had were win 7 machines
with very fast processors. I just set up an XP machine on a lovely old C
Series Fujitsu Lifebook from the early 2000's and once again have a decent
sync and "bridge" machine for the newtons, that is also networked to the
win7 machines and can share outlook data.

What I was doing was not optimal, but since I didn't replace the emate data
with the 2100's until after I checked, and since both machines have separate
purposes, I was able to pseudo-sync with two cards.

Clunky but effective.

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