[NTLK] Cleaning or restoring battery cage contacts

Steven M. Spiegel appledoctor at cox.net
Sun Sep 25 13:57:33 EDT 2011


I've been on this list for many years but have not been a big  
participator in the messages. All of out Newton stuff is neatly packed  
away for years also. Since I've been in the Apple II and Mac repair  
business for 29 years, a situation like yours is not uncommon. What I  
have found that works well to remove battery leakage and corrosion is  
to mix warm water and baking soda in a bowl large enough  to  
accommodate you battery holder. Submerge the holder in the water for  
about 15 minutes then remove it and dry thoroughly and use canned air  
to really blow all the water off it. This will usually eat the  
corrosion off.

In looking at your photos, it looks like what you've got may be rust  
as it looks brown to me. Corrosion caused by battery leakage is  
usually white. if it's rust, you might have to get  a rust remover,  
but use it sparingly like on a Q-tip, then rinse and dry completely as  
instructed above.

Hope this helps!


Steven M. Spiegel     State Lic. #E-26047
The Apple Doctor
29 years in Apple & Mac Service and Repairs
in Orange County, California

On Sep 25, 2011, at 3:46 AM, David Neale wrote:

> Hello Steven,
> Not really an answer to your question, I'm afraid, but you might be  
> interested in the followinf:
> http://davidneale.eu/newton/photo-lists/newton-items/newton-battery-pack-recharg.html
> Made for the MP100, I do believe.
> David
> On 24 Sep 2011, at 23:18, Steven Frank wrote:
>> I just got hold of a new-to-me OMP battery cage.
>> It looks like it's probably usable, but a couple of the spring
>> terminals have a little bit of corrosion.
>> Pictures here:
>> 	http://dl.dropbox.com/u/146848/Email/omp-battery-cage.jpg
>> 	http://dl.dropbox.com/u/146848/Email/omp-battery-cage2.jpg
>> What's the best option to clean, restore, or replace these corroded  
>> terminals?
>> Steven
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