[NTLK] 3G MiFi for the Apple Newton MessagePad only $10/month

Tony Douglas tonyisyourpal at aim.com
Wed Apr 4 16:59:24 EDT 2012

Hi there,

I must admit to being really disappointed when I got my LG Android mobile phone - I had hoped to be able to do away with the Huawei E585 dongle and just carry the mobile phone and use it as a mifi hotspot. However, two things went against that. First was the hotspot was either WPA2 or wide open unencrypted - no WEP option, so no use for the Newt. The second was that battery performance was awful. So the E585 mobile dongle stays, and is still at 128-bit WEP to accommodate the Newton (although the MacBook uses it more these days). 

I'm on 3 mobile in the UK, and usually stick with the 1Gbyte for £10 (about $15/$16) pay as you go option. The 1Gb has to be used within a month, and if I know it's a busy month I can buy more upfront. If that runs out, or it's a quiet month and I won't be using mifi that much, there's a day access option (£2 for 500mb for 24hrs, IIRC). 

If you haven't toyed with mifi and you think it might be of any interest at all - give it a whirl (especially at those kind of prices) - who knows, it might even be enough to ditch fixed line broadband for (I've used mine as a replacement when the landline has gone down...)

- Tony

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Many in the Newton community have forever dreamt of tethering our
wireless MessagePads to our iPhones. Why? Because, if we could, we
would. I know I would. Alas, it is not really possible unless you
Jailbreak your iPhone. Not because AT&T doesn’t like people tethering
and not because Apple is specifically biased against everything
Newton. Tethering (within in iOS) is not possible because Apple
restricts WiFi tethered connections to WPA only.


Spotted today on Dealnews.com is the MiFi 2200 Hotspot for DataJack.
Today and tomorrow you can buy the bundle for $50, saving $40 for
everything.This gives you the DataJack MiFi 2200 and the first months’
200MB Data Plan. A monthly data plan costs only $10 per month after
that. Here are some links:



Why is this significant. First of all, the MiFi 2200 can be configured
to allow Open or WEP connections to the device. Obviously, I don’t
need to explain this significance to any Newton owner.

Next, this thing can run for hours or days using a rechargeable
Lithium Ion battery pack. It’s also rechargeable using standard USB
cables. This means you can stick it in your pocket, carry it with you
wherever you go, and connect your Newton to the Internet without any
wires whatsoever. Better yet, the MiFi 2200 will let you and four
other Newton buddies connect at the same time. Unprecedented in all of
Newton history. Does anyone know how to program a MMORPG in

Finally, one cannot ignore the price. For $10 per month, you can give
your Newton MessagePad an unlimited cellular data plan. Well,
unlimited for a Newton that is. Go ahead, try to consume 200MB of
bandwidth on your Newton. I dare you.

Meanwhile, we can wax poetic about the days when we all had dial-up,
AOL was $9.95 a month, and the Newton was the first and only mobile
device anyone ever wanted.

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