[NTLK] Test

James Fraser wheresthatistanbul-newtontalk at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 7 05:45:23 EDT 2012


>I¹m sitting in a café in Bologna wondering why I I haven¹t seen any posts
>from NewtonTalk since I arrived on Wednesday.   Are we all simply going
>about our business with better things to do than post here, or am I having a
>problem getting mail from the group?

If you have WWW access as well as email (I know, not always a given), there's an 
easy way to find out whether anyone is actually talking or if your hearing is at 
fault (so to speak):


(This month's list archives)

If, like mine, your mail provider is more adept at providing comic relief than 
your mail:


...it's the sort of thing you find yourself checking with (irk)some regularity. 
: /

Alternately, you might also consider subscribing to the "compact" version of the 
RSS feed for the list:


...which, according to this:


>If all you want to do is pop in to see what’s going on, can use the RSS feed. 
>The “compact” feed >includes the subject line, plus the first 100 characters of 
>the latest 25 messages posted to the list.

...sounds fairly useful for the purpose of monitoring the list (unless, of 
course, it isn't in your particular case). :^)

I'd ask if you were checking mail on your MessagePad (you know, just so this 
post isn't a total loss), but we all know the answer to that one. : /


James Fraser

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