[NTLK] Google Glass

Forrest newtonphoenix at mindspring.com
Sun Apr 8 15:21:26 EDT 2012

Wow, where do I start with this...first off, this seems like it will be VERY difficult to pull off...one of the central parts of the technology, voice command (like "Siri") is still in the early stages with Apple...and every other company is behind them in its development. And, the flawless speed and execution shown here will take a long time (IMHO) before all the glitches are worked out. I think we'll see the Google car come to market before then.

While I like a lot of Google's promos/ads, this one leaves me with many questions...First off, did he steal that book? Why don't they show him paying for it with some kind of Point of Sale app, like Square? Both Google and Apple are working on systems to do just that for their respective smartphones...next, the video would like us to believe that after just a little while spent with a book on how to play a ukulele, within minutes he was playing it that well? Was he carrying the instrument around with him all that time, or did he steal that too?

Uhhh..."Tank, load Ukulele program...okay, now I can play the ukulele (and impress Trinity later!)"

Also...didn't it remind you just a little bit of "Minority Report"?

Check out this video on YouTube:


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