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~~~ On 2012/04/07 08:31, John Heinrichs at minicapt1 at me.com wrote ~~~

> There was some disagreement: some voted from Barcelona, others wanted
> Baluchistan. Personally, I thought you were in Bogota.
> Sorry ...

First, I¹d like to say ³Happy Easter² to everyone who celebrated Easter
today and ³Good Pesach² to everyone who celebrated Passover this past

Second, thanks to everyone who responded to my message, and for greetings
from different places.  It¹s good to experience belonging to such a broad
³family² of people with a common interest.

@John:  since Colombian coffee is my favourite ³ordinary² variety of coffee,
your guess of Bogota is by far the best wrong answer.  :-)   Seriously, I¹d
risk the drug cartels or earthquakes or anything else they can threaten,
just for the experience of drinking a cup (or many!) of Colombian coffee
right there under the Colombian sun.   But this is a family trip to spend
Easter together, and they¹d take it badly if I announced that I¹d rather be
in South America on a coffee plantation!   At least I get the compensation
of drinking really well-made espresso at prices that mean I can afford **a
lot** of espresso without being impoverished.   I could get used to this,
even allowing for the fact that we apparently brought dreary British weather
along with us ...  

@Richard:  you have no idea how tempting that sounds to me!



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