[NTLK] The NTLK Newton Warehouse, EH?

Stefan Thorsteinson stthor at telus.net
Mon Apr 9 22:09:59 EDT 2012


Apologies for the silence.

Well, loaded from Ken's garage tripped across country and now in mine. I do
stand corrected, the trip was 2133 miles (3434kms). I actually toyed with
the idea of making the drive until my GPS told me it was a 34 hour non-stop
drive...one way, no pee breaks. I had some difficulty at the start with one
company that said they could do it but took a week and half to let me know
they couldn't. A few phone calls later and things were back on track. 

My heart sank a bit when I unloaded everything and counted only 82 boxes
instead of 86. I didn't find out until the Monday that Canada customs
separated 4 boxes from the shipment and forgot which pallet they belonged
to. The freight company was kind enough to put them out for delivery on the
Tuesday and delivered them to me at work. It was kind of humorous having a
48 foot tractor trailer pull onto the parking lot of our office complex
(nothing even close to a loading dock to back up to), stop in front of my
truck and deliver 4 boxes. All is well because everything is accounted for.
One box took a bit of hit and a couple MP2X00 were compromised. Not a huge
concern as I'm pretty sure I know where there are some spare parts. :)

Speaking of parts...Holy Cow! I'm not sure what got me going more; the sheer
magnitude of so much Newton stuff in one place or holding an Emate in my
hands and plugging in one of the 400+ power adapters and having it come to
life. (Never held one before) For that matter, there was the unit that got
me started with Newton; a 110. Back in 1995 the company I was working for
was being audited. The auditor was using a 110 to take notes. At the end he
plugged it into his PC and printed the report. At the time I couldn't even
afford a battery pack, let alone a complete unit. I had to wait until 1997
to get my first MP2000. Well worth the wait.

The idea of doing something NTLK style with some of the goods is a very cool
idea. (Thanks for the suggestions) Let's see, end to end we have about 2
miles of serial cables(Mac and Newton). We also have over 2000 blank PCMCIA
cards to diddle with. Not to mention about 1000 MP2X00 battery packs and
almost 750 MP2000 complete units. Ideas abound. Once the snow is gone, we'll
see what we can dream up.

I park on the driveway now because some very important merchandise is
occupying my parking spot. I will be sending the shopping list in PDF and
Excel to those who have expressed interest. If you are interested in
anything, drop me a line and I will certainly send the list for review. I
have a little number crunching to do but can see working Newtons going for
about $15.00 to $20.00ea and parts going for pennies. More details will be
included in the email. I would like to park in my garage again so please
don't hesitate to let me know what your interest is. 

Thank you for the well wishes and support. Very much appreciated. 

The "NTLK Warehouse" is open for business! Interested parties are encouraged
to contact me off-list: stthor (at) telus (dot) net.  


Stefan Thorsteinson
Edmonton, AB Canada

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> http://preview.tinyurl.com/6ps5rql
> Stefan, do you suppose you might have enough MessagePads on hand to 
> spell out "Newton"? (Or better still, "NewtonTalk"?)  Just a thought. 
> [shrugs]

I counted 100 keyboards, but hey, they're IBM, right?

Does your friend still have all those?   This picture gave me an idea for
re-roofing my house.  :-)

But seriously, I love the idea of spelling out "NewtonTalk" in Newton gear.
That would be such a lovely sight!  Even Apple never tried that did they?
Which font should it be in?  Espy?

Downside:  he's got 2700 lbs of the stuff.  That's a lot of manpower just
shifting it to where he's going to store it, and arranging it so it's useful
and accessible when it comes time to sell it on to us.  I'm assuming he
won't be able to keep it on pallets and move them on forks so that's all
hand-unstacking and restacking.  He might find the extra work involved in
some impromptu formation-Newtons a bit much.

Stefan, I'm sorry I can't be there to lend an extra pair of hands.  I'm sure
we all are.  And again, thanks.



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